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How do I dispose of my sharps (lancets & syringes) 

It is important to dispose of your sharps (needles, lancets, etc.) in the proper fashion.
Disposal rules may vary by disposal site. To find out what rules you need to follow, contact your disposal site or local waste hauler.

The below rules apply to anyone using the Maryville, MO disposal site for personal sharps disposal.

Personal Sharps disposal for the Maryville, MO disposal site:

  • Sharps must be placed in a non-puncturable container. Two examples of non-puncturable containers include:
    • Purchase a sharps container from your local pharmacy.
    • Use a non-puncturable container (hard plastic container, such as a laundry detergent bottle).
  • Fill the container only ¾ full.
  • The sharps must be sterilized. To sterilize, soak sharps in bleach for 2-3 minutes, then drain off excess bleach.
  • The lid must be tightly secured. Most purchased sharps containers have a locking lid. If you are using a hard
    plastic container instead, once you’ve applied the lid, secure it with duct-tape.
  • The container must be clearly identified as containing sharps. If the container is not already marked as a “Sharps”
    container, this can be done by writing “Sharps” in large legible permanent black letters.

Your efforts in properly disposing of sharps is greatly appreciated!

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