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Mental Health Services 

We're here . . . and we can help.

Emotional and mental health problems are not something you have to hide anymore. Today, these problems don't have to disrupt your family's lives. St. Francis Mental Health Services treatment programs are founded on the belief that people are biological, psychological, social and spiritual beings. For optimal health and functioning, individuals need these aspects of their lives balanced harmoniously.

We understand that physical and mental illness, life stress, family and social discord, emotional pain, chemical dependency and many other problems can create disharmony.  The team of professionals at St. Francis Mental Health Services provides the support and understanding needed to return each individual client to a healthier and more productive life.

Since 1988, St. Francis Mental Health has been a comprehensive treatment facility established to provide uncomplicated access to professional health for emotional and psychiatric problems.

Housed at St. Francis Hospital, programs uses a multidisciplinary treatment team concept consisting of psychiatrists, medical physicians, counselors, nurses and social workers. A holistic approach to treatment of the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of each individual. The treatment team assists patients in regaining control of their lives.
Family-oriented patient care begins with the first call or contact.

24-Hour Help Line
A trained professional is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day to assess an individual's needs and begin to help him or her move toward balance and recovery. Information and help are available by calling 660/562-7922.

Services Available

• Inpatient Care –  Upon admission, the patient receives a comprehensive series of personal assessments including: physical examination, medical history, psychiatric evaluation, nursing assessment, biopsychosocial assessment, nutritional assessment, and substance abuse evaluation. Carefully reviewed and analyzed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals, the results of the assessment provide the basis for a treatment plan that meets each individual patient's needs. To view our brochure on Inpatient Mental Health Services, please click below (must have Adobe Acrobat to view)

Inpatient Brochure

• Therapies – A wide variety of therapeutic activities focused on increasing self-awareness and self-esteem are offered at St. Francis Mental Health Services: Individual, Group and Family Therapy; Therapeutic Activity Groups; and Community Outings. The program offers a supportive non-threatening environment devoted to enhancing each individual's interpersonal skills.

• Family Program – Emotional and psychiatric problems, as well as alcoholism and drug abuse, affect all members of a family. At St. Francis Mental Health Services, families are offered and encouraged to attend special educational classes and group therapy. Therefore, as the patient begins to recover, so can the family begin to find new hope, new balance, and a new way of life.

• Outpatient – Psychiatric outpatient treatment for individuals needing medication assessment and follow-up.

• Aftercare – St. Francis Mental Health Services understands that patients who have made positive changes through treatment will occasionally face challenges once they return home. Continuing care through group support is an integral part of ongoing recovery. Aftercare groups meet regularly and are offered free of charge.

• Community Education Program – Our mental health professionals provide the community with speakers' bureau dedicated to increasing public awareness regarding mental health dependency issues.  If you'd like more information, call 660/562-2600, extension 5401.

• Financial Arrangements – Most insurance plans cover much of the costs of the program at St. Francis Mental Health Services. Medicaid and Medicare are accepted for payment of services.

For more information on Mental Health, please visit the National Alliance For Mental Illness.



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