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St. Francis Hospital & Health Services believes that when a baby comes into this world, it is a celebration!

We tailor the entire birth experience to meet your wants and needs so that it is just right for you, your family and your baby. 

Expectant fathers are strongly encouraged to become actively involved in the pregnancy and in the delivery. Childbirth Education Classes are one way to do this. The classes focus on techniques used during labor that will help both mom and baby. The updated curriculum encourages the use of new relaxation techniques, one of which is soft music. A CD player is available for patient use during labor and delivery. The classes also include infant CPR training. To register for the classes, call 660/562-7903.

Becoming a big brother or sister is an exciting time. To help make the transition smooth, we suggest siblings visit the hospital before the birth so they can see the nursery and where mom and baby will be. Simply call the Obstetrics Department at 660/562-2600, extension 5901, before you come so there will be someone available to show you around and answer any questions you or your children may have.

The birth of your baby is an exciting event you’ll want to share with your entire family and close friends. Dads, siblings, grandparents and friends are welcome to visit their new family member during your hospital stay. The labor and delivery of your child is a very personal experience and requires concentration and teamwork with your coach(es). Visitation is restricted during labor and delivery to no more than two support persons at one time. Other visitors during this time may come for a brief visit and will be asked to wait in the family room. The nursing staff will be glad to keep them updated on your progression as necessary.


To ensure a safe pregnancy and delivery, St. Francis provides state-of-the-art equipment, such as ultrasound and fetal monitors. St. Francis offers the very latest in labor, delivery and postpartum options. Modern renovations allows for mothers to labor and deliver in one of our three LDR (labor/delivery/recovery) rooms. A birthing bed is used, which allows various positioning and more comfort during labor and delivery. After you have recovered, you will be moved to one of the relaxing postpartum rooms.  St. Francis offers a variety of pain management techniques to meet your individual needs including non-pharmacology, IV therapy, and epidurals. This is an important aspect of your care which should be discussed with your physician to determine which method is right for you.


“Rooming-in” is a great way to get to know your baby. It is an option for the new mom to help increase the bonding with her newborn baby while having professional staff available to provide instruction, guidance and support.  The infant stays in a bassinet in the hospital room with the mother. Your baby can stay in your room as little or as much as you choose. Or you can choose to have your baby stay in the nursery, which is under constant observation, where you can be assured your baby will receive the TLC of experienced nurses..

SafePlace-Child-SecurityFor the safety and security of you and your newborn, an advanced security system has been installed in the obstetrics unit as well as in the nursery and throughout the entire hospital.  For more information on our Safe Place® - Infant Security Solution System, click here

Your hospital stay is a time to learn about and become acquainted with your newborn. Education has been important throughout your pregnancy and will continue to be important after the birth. The nursing staff offers individualized instruction in newborn and self care. Information is available on topics from breastfeeding your baby to newborn bathing. Your nurse will be happy to spend time and show you how to bathe, diaper, care for circumcision and feed your new baby.

To make sure things are going well at home, an obstetrics nurse will call you a few days after you leave the hospital. We also remember first birthdays with a card.

St. Francis obstetric nurses treat your baby delicately and with respect - just like you do. You can be assured that your baby will be cared for by nurses who give the same kind of tender, loving care you’ll give as a mother. We make sure your baby gets off to a good start in life.

We don’t expect your baby to need special care, but if necessary, an air ambulance is just 30 to 90 minutes away. St. Francis works closely with area hospitals that provide advanced neonatal care.

Complimentary meals are provided during your stay for your support person.

Check out our baby pictures at www.growingfamily.com!

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